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#WorldMeatFreeDay on This #MeatlessMonday

June 13, 2016

grilling goodness

grilling goodness

I am extremely happy to see the popularity and creativity devoted each week to #MeatlessMonday.  This idea is catching on fast with all kinds of people.  I am not sure why this trend has caught the attention of everyone.  Do they notice because they want better health, the end to the suffering of the animals, or because they want a better outcome for the planet?  Whatever it is, the world is starting to understand the benefits of plant based diets.  When I gave up eating animals in North Carolina in 1969 I was viewed as subversive at the very least. I have eaten some fish and a few bites of a chili dog (circa 1970) since my decision on Easter of 1969 to become a vegetarian.  Since that time the regular diet of my fellow Americans has steadily slid down a very unhealthy slope of factory farming and addiction to foods and drinks devoid of nutrients and full of chemicals.

I credit my good health to my dietary regime, although it has not been perfect.  Too much strict avoidance of anything sets up a magnetic attraction to the forbidden.  Meat is not forbidden for me, but I would never want to eat a dead animal. I still eat dairy, honey and eggs although I do see the vegan alternatives as better and worth trying.  I do make more vegan cuisine than ever before, and may someday embrace it fully.  For now, Monday will suffice for inspiration and dedication to the vegan cause.  What I love about this trend is the ease with which anyone can find information, recipes, and guidance.  I love the website, full of helpful tips for anyone interested in the subject.

I have never found that bugging people to follow my diet was an effective way to approach this.  I am a great cook, and would rather seduce them with gourmet succulence than beat them over the head with the cruelty issue.  I encourage you to find a recipe today, or any day, under the hashtag #MeatlessMonday.  See why the vegans are all the rage. Bon Appetit, gentle reader.

Embrace and Drive Change

March 14, 2013



The second core value of Zappos is simple, but not so easy.  Change is never as easy as it seems.  The investment in any status quo is heavier than it appears to the naked eye.  To start something new is much easier than to destroy something old that does not work  (think Congress).  People feel that change involves admission of some kind of error, and that is why they will not enter the zone.  Being right is important to the point that it can alter the mind of the thinker significantly.  When driving change that involves others, be sure that you do not threaten their self images.  Any indication that there is a better way, also indicates that the present path is the wrong one.  Egos invest in this kind of righteous battle.  Ego battles virtually always get out of control because the individuals cannot control the egos.   It is best to show by example how change can work for the benefit of all participants.

  • inventing an official  company sport is a metaphor
  • defying gravity is a change most people do not consider
  • sports are defined too narrowly
  • everyone can win
  • strength, fitness, and flexibility are just a side effect of the fun
  • coaching is more effective combined with movement
  • It is HOT in Vegas
  • the product can make us all some bucks while helping others

We are joined at the core, Tony…..tweet me, maybe.


September 6, 2012

The merging of the senses is a process and a practice. To create an artist or inventor can call on all the senses and blend the associations into new meaning.  You may be synesthetic in certain parts of you life, such as personal fashion or cuisine.  I make an attempt to both try new experiences and blend all the sensory information into art.  My artistic sense was inspired long ago by my design teacher, Max Gottschalk, who began the semester with a lecture about designing your life.  I also hung out with Max later in his life and had the pleasure of doing some major synesthesia with him when he was 92 and pretty far out there.  At that time he used to refer to “sonic water”  when we were in the water.  I questioned him thoroughly about this sonic water, but he provided little detail.  I still wonder about that.

I went to Las Vegas to tour Zappos headquarters recently.  My goals were entirely fulfilled on the tour.  In order to get there I flew to Vegas, stayed at a big casino hotel, and coincidentally went to a fashion show.  I flew home after a little more than 24 hours, but the tightly scheduled events, including the Mormons on the plane ride back, have all become one big circus in my mind.  Without intending to do so, I created the circumstances that are perfect for synesthetic problem solving.  I left with a design in my head for a very important event I had been planning for ages.  The juxtaposition of over the top Bellagio surroundings, Zappo’s over the top customer service, and clothing designer Joey Galon’s over the top evening gowns have all merged in my creative process to outline the best little mermaid bat mitzvah after party ever attempted.

I am on a mission to create for my 13 year old friend Mollie a party that expresses her own creativity and that of a few of her close friends.  With the date is closing in, and I had no real plan to pull this whole idea into shape.  I have given her a sewing machine, a 20 minute sewing lesson, and some prom dresses.  Thanks to the various senses that merged the Las Vegas experience for me, we now know what we are going to do!!! Mollie will assemble the girls and fit them into the dresses they like best.  She will cut off the bottom of the dress and we will retrofit them all to be mermaid dresses.  Some individual craft work on the bottom of each dress will make each an individual and unique piece of art.  I always like to put lessons inside a fun project because that inspires me.  I believe I can deliver sewing and fashion design lessons from the upcycle perspective to some unsuspecting young ladies.

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