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Venus enters Virgo, and what we see, one way or another, is a shift toward wanting to be right, correct, or proper, to be able to stand confidently against criticism or critique–and that can prompt inventory-taking, a discriminating state of mind, and Self-criticism, among other things. Ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is involved in the only […] […]

via 9 July 2018 A Proper Virgin — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — Blue Dragon Journal

9 July 2018 A Proper Virgin — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — Blue Dragon Journal

July 9, 2018 1 Comment

Sun in Virgo, Time to Organize

August 22, 2016 12 Comments

Virgo constellation

Virgo constellation

The sun has just moved into Virgo for the transitional month between summer and fall. In just a month’s time it will be equinox. This month is perfect for cleaning and clearing space, time, and clutter of any kind.  Virgo month is also the ideal time to upgrade daily health and fitness regimes.  I have returned to a study that requires intense reading, meditation, and writing.  I had fallen out of the discipline needed to finish the course, but now I am enjoying the material and looking forward to doing my homework.  Virgo is all about discipline, order, and maybe a little bit of fussiness over details.  This is the right time to take up journaling and daily meditation in order to ground body and mind.  This is the month to put everything neatly in order, and keep it that way.

I believe that habits require 40 days to become a part of life.  After the equinox I need to be vigilant and orderly with my newly established practices in order to secure them.  Before the equinox I plan to do a major purge and tidy program in my home and garden.  By cleaning and clearing space I will also clear some time for myself.  Less stuff requires less maintenance.  I am convinced that I will be happier owning far fewer books, pieces of clothing, papers, and personal mementos.  I am going to listen to the joy of tidy book again because I still have a month of audible for free, and I think I need to hear it all one more time.  I know the author is right about junk representing unresolved issues form the past.  Physical space has a direct impact on physical as well as mental health. Clearing closets has the effect of clearing cobwebs from the mind.

To honor the virgin of the harvest in my own way I will use her energy to:

  • clear and organize my home
  • clear and organize my barn full of stuff
  • keep a daily journal
  • do daily homework
  • keep regular gym and fitness schedule
  • record data on the fitbit dashboard

This will be an excellent jump start to the fall season.  Establishing healthy habits and clean clear space is a gift that will go on giving through the end of the year.




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