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Wishing Tree For Year Of The Fire Rooster

January 18, 2017 1 Comment

The Chinese tradition of  the spring festival celebrates the new year for two weeks around 4 February each year. In 2017 the celebrations will begin 28 January with the first official day of the rooster year falling on the 3 February. There is a custom of making a wish then throwing it up into a ” wishing tree”.  The wish to carry us through the year is similar to a resolution, but also resembles a letter to Santa.  We can celebrate this cool custom in our own private ways.  If planning the year at the start includes a fresh start in health, wealth, career, family, and community, what will your wish be?  The rooster is a confident, well dressed and chivalrous.  He will not back down in a fight.  He is known to, in fact, go beyond reason to get his way.  The cock wakes up crowing and does not hold back criticism and domineering attitude toward others.  Feathers will fly during this year, and egos will be bruised. The rooster is the most misunderstood sign of the Chinese zodiac, a heroic Don Quixote, taking on windmills of gigantic proportions.  I wish that during the cock year you will learn to do less, but do it with precision and passion.  Cock-a-doodle-dooooooooo

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