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Archetypes in Dreams

July 29, 2012

I am studying a modern version of Carl Jung’s archetypes for a glimpse into the intuitive world. I have always thought that every person has intuitive gifts of various kinds that could be considered talents. My teacher is Caroline Myss, who works as a medical intuitive. I am fascinated by the subject matter as well as the teaching style of Ms Myss. I assumed that in CMED…the on line and in person institute, we would learn protocol to teach us to interpret the archetype wheels of others as a skill. While this is all true it has been revealed that her belief is that everyone has an equal ability to sharpen intuition and heal others. The difference is practice, study, and a steady, perpetual, spiritual aspiration.

I have needed to change my routine to make this study a priority and a dedicated practice.  There is a need to do a lot of written work to make the natures of your own archetypes known to you.  I have just started my dream journal, which must be right next to the bed with the mini book light and pen attached so I can write with as little fuss as possible when I awaken.  I managed a few words today, but know I will improve.  I have studied my own dreams with a dream journal before.   A long time ago I even practiced lucid dreaming.  These skills drop away like a foreign language not spoken. I know how well one can improve both memory and details of the dream world by intending to do it, and staying steady with a practice.

I have in the past done written explorations and interview exercises with everything from dead professors to my own body parts.  I once took an extensive course in “Inner Child” that required the child respond to questions by writing with the non dominant hand. I was very surprised at the accuracy of the answers, if not the handwriting, of my various inner children.  Now my task is to recognize the 12 dominant archetypes active in my life, place them in a timeline in my life, then interview them to know more about them.  In an effort to disobey the homework assignments I quickly skimmed the materials and did no assignments as I read and listened to the work the teachers have put into the class.  I have gone as for as I can as a rebel.  Written assignments are the heart of the work, therefore the teacher in my 11th house has to step up now to create an atmosphere of  discipline.  This is clearly not a matter to leave to my rebel, hedonist, detective, alchemist, shape shifter, or magical child.  I am starting to notice this is like  strength and flexibility for the soul.  Core strength, range of motion, and balance in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms are skills that can be developed through practice. Even in our dreams we can work toward greater understanding and integration.

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