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Zappos, the Zenith of Capitalism

September 14, 2012 ,

Zappos headquarters

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At different times in history humans have taken giant leaps that transformed the world quickly and forever. We look at the printing press, the industrial revolution, and the digital age as big new waves of change. We tested the theory of capitalism against the theory of Marxism.  Societies languished in state capitalism ( a la USSR) and never created the utopia they attempted.  Greed and corruption have triumphed in many cases, while workers have been disempowered.  The unrest and ignorance that spreads can be exasperating.  I have some very good news, gentle readers.  There is hope that systems of excellent good will and happiness can be created from pure capitalism.  I have seen with my own eyes the purposeful and systematic creation of happiness.  It is not a surprise to me that pure happiness is created by the mastery of a refined, balanced and efficient way to enchant customers.   Providing the perfect footwear and more for each person and on every occasion is done purposefully.  Zappos is truly the happiest place on earth.  The employees practice happiness in themselves, to each other, and always with the customer.

Offering employees support and coaching for both personal and company goals includes them all in a feeling of belonging to a happy group.  The work environment is as unstructured as possible, but completely measured and analyzed.  If a worker wants to take one of the ongoing classes, the schedule is altered if possible and the training is placed on the schedule.  The same is true if an employee wants to take advantage of the personal coach, or the entire training department available for a review or update on the company training that may be needed. At the busiest times, all employees pitch in and answer phones.  They all have the current training and they all live by the core values, or they will not stay at Zappos.  Statistics are posted on boards to make all aware of the rate of success.  When they break a previous record for sales in one day, everyone in the company is given a commemorative t shirt.  Chances are that almost everyone was very busy cross training to reach that new one day goal, so they share the glory.  In fact, I think the big secret is that they share the glory.  They also share great benefits and fairly unlimited ability to be promoted within the company.

The core values run the company, and the people benefit from the purity of the core values.  The happy clients and the happy customer service aces share the beauty of the efficient ,well defined way to do business.  I always knew heaven would include a super selection of shoes.

Zappos office

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