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Occupy Gucci Gulch

November 5, 2012 , , ,


Warren Buffet made a statement that rings true to me. He said that to solve our deficit problems all we need to do is pass a law that states that if we,the taxpayers, are handed a bill for an unbalanced budget no standing member of congress can run for reelection. A certain percentage of GDP or an absolute number can be used. I am sure this would work. Congress creates deficits and therefore is the place to apply pressure and a tourniquet on the bleeding wound that is our national spending habit. All agree that loopholes of an unnamed sort are all to be closed, but the loophole of allowing congress to live in a fatal fantasy of fiduciary delusion is not tackled because of that very delusion.

When I learned that the K Street lobbyist lair is called Gucci Gulch, I became disgusted at a new and more visual level.  I picture Grover Norquist ruling the country from a posh office setting wielding a big ugly man purse.  I am all for rewarding risk and intelligent business practices, protecting one’s interest by knowing the law, and taking advantage of tax write-offs.   Wall Street, specifically the NYSE, serves all investors large, small and institutional.  Lobbies serve only special interests able to pay for access to power.  K Street does not serve all investors, but exists for the purpose of gaining favor for certain segments of the society who pay dearly for it.  The place to occupy and crush is this Gucci Gulch and the power it has been given.  In essence, by allowing this inappropriate imbalance every taxpayer is footing the bill for the high fashion and fancy trimmings of the lobby lifestyle.  By allowing our lawmakers to even go near this kind of overt corruption we limit our ability to revive American democracy.  I do not want to pay for Grover’s man purse.

What do you think?

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My man bag is a cloth grocery shopping bag. I can’t even stand to hear the G word.


Gerry Zeck

November 5, 2012

I know, and until yesterday I had not pictured an entire gulch full of them..I am upset by the imagery



November 5, 2012

I LOVE this line: ” I do not want to pay for Grover’s man purse.” Brilliant article. I’m disgusted on a whole new level as well.



November 5, 2012

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