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The border, the stoners, the Feds

November 7, 2012 , , , , , , , , ,

Now that we can be relieved of the presidential politics for a minute, let us look ahead to the rapid change  rolling into the future of the US. I live next to the border where incentive to smuggle is a traditional job creator in the region. Capital creation has historically been based on tax free labor and favorable agriculture laws that made ranching and farming possible in the state. We are now famous for SB1070, the state immigration law mostly banned by the Supremes.  The political cartoon of our state is Barry Goldwater  in drag flying a bomber over Phoenix to do the business of the people.  His legacy lives, but it is demographically challenged and I believe will soon be destroyed  by pure and simple economic reality.  During Barry’s lifetime the border was a complete joke.  All farming and ranching depended on Mexican undocumented labor.  All hotels and restaurants in Arizona used the same standards.  Tucson was the Mexican dirt weed capital of the great southwest, shipping untold tons to untold trillions of American pot smokers.

The only real change in the government that happened on election day was the legalization of marijuana by Colorado and Washington.  Lester Holt cautioned the stoners not to break out the goldfish and Cheetos too soon, which lead to a comment that there is no Entenmann’s way out west.  Yes, Brian , we do have Entenmann’s, and excellent medicinal kine bud grown right here in Arizona.  Colorado, however, has an advanced business model in play that will be ready for  Coca Cola as soon as either the Supremes or the dweebs in congress clear the active for Cannabis Coke.  There has been much investment in Colorado into development of products ready to ship across the nation.  These legally produced and consumed products replace some of the income lost by the attrition of traditional ( read tax free labor force) farming.  Arizona agriculture has been decimated by draught, SB1070, and the same loss of interest in farming as a business experienced by the rest of the nation.  We are out of water, but we still have plenty of sunshine.   The new pharming is done indoors requiring intense electric lighting to achieve the pharmaceutical quality.  Arizona can produce solar electricity, and we already have Dutch people here growing tomatoes in greenhouses.

Lawyers and lobbyists, come on down!!! Let us get real about laws that create  liberty and justice for all, and laws that provide incentive for violent criminal smuggling.  Arizona can be the crown jewell in the solar pharming phuture of cannabis.  We can provide legal jobs and opportunity that will enrich our state tax revenues, or we can continue to play deadly tug of war with the Sinaloa cartel.  Some profit from status quo.  Incentives for smuggling must always include bribes, as is the nature of the beast.  Some law enforcement individuals can and do become extra super wealthy from all this incentive, while the state becomes destitute. By eliminating the smuggling incentives we an make our tax dollars work for the public interest. Even if you are sure you never want to burn one the economic absurdity of pouring tax dollars into making sure nobody else does must be clear.  The idea of securing the border is a good one.  It is time to cut the cord for the Mexican cartels, and suck up to those cute Dutch people with all those greenhouses.  You do not need to be high to see how this works.

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I think mermaid camp rocks!


Gerry Zeck

November 7, 2012

Hear, hear! Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂



November 9, 2012

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