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November 12, 2012 , , , ,

To enhance communication of any kind it is necessary to address a specific audience, even if it is digital. In the book Impact Equation I have been presented with a concept that I have been living for the last few years. Brother Brogan proposes that for an idea to evolve and be refined the qualities that cause audience to be interested in your message must be considered. He mentions that presenting in public with instant feedback from direct observation is entirely different from the digital world of presentation. This is the understatement of the decade as well as the theme of my study and effort for the last 3 or 4 years. I have always taught in person to groups and individuals. If I say so myself I have done this so much that I do instinctively know how to teach and drive a message home to people I can see and hear. However, my in person methodology involves much humor and stealth to distract and weave fairy tales of deep lessons. With real live people it is easy to stop when you are bombing, change course, redirect. It is digitally difficult, since we are communicating blindly with no visual of  our intended audience.  We now have no idea why or how anyone pays us attention, but need to fill in that blank in some cohesive way.

To plant a memorable seed in the digital arena that is both considered and spread by evangelists, there must be an easy way to evangelize.  This is exactly the point at which I, as the charismatic in person snake oil saleswoman, completely failed to execute my core beliefs to what I know to be a very large audience wanting to feel good and feel healthy at the same time.  I always look to the ancestors for deeper meaning.  My parents were extreme acronym adopters in the 1950’s.  The created codes such as SUS ( sit up straight) and COP (chin over plate) to give me orders in public and at home about how to enjoy dining with them.  Like many other of my parents’ futuristic practices, virtually nobody else I knew did such a thing.  My giant aversion to all acronyms can be directly traced to eating with my parents. This does not  serve me at all and can not hurt the feelings of  my dead parents.  OMG, is it ever time to stop boycotting the acronym.

Starting from scratch, one would have acro’ed in initially before going out and getting and international trademark, if one had been aware.  Since I was in the less than aware group, and only recently liberated to appreciate the beauty and power of the acronym, I must start where I am.  Floatli is my trademark and my invention for water exercise. It is for those who like to feel good while moving, and appreciate the fact that they can move.  Today I step into this century and happily debut the Floatli acronym:

  • First
  • Love
  • Own
  • Ass
  • Totally
  • Like
  • It is

This means that taking care of your own body for the most pleasurable healthy outcome will involve radical acceptance of what is.  The sensual pleasure of water as an exercise medium is empowering.  It can be a haven for injured athletes, a playground, and a social bonding agent.  If your first ( and maybe only) consideration is the flawed appearance of your bathing suit look, the good feelings stop before they begin.  I am an evangelist for loving your own ass, because if you don’t nobody else will.

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