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Jon Thomas

November 17, 2012 , , , ,

Jon Thomas

Jon at Carlsbad

I was introduced to Jon Thomas by my friend Cathy Murakami, generally considered to be the pickiest woman on the earth.  I, for one, will go try something based on her recommendations because I hardly ever meet anyone with standards as high as my own.  Jon practices his healing arts at Cat’s studio in Encinitas, Synergy Systems.  I really enjoyed my session last month.  It left me feeling super balanced and energized.  I learned his style of Tui Na is distinct because he learned it from his father in law, a famous Tai Chi master from Shanghai. It is a very funny combination because Jon’s soft West Virginia accent and  his very unassuming calm presence reveal neither the recently retired Marine, nor the Asian powerhouse of healing he really is.  Once you get to know him it all makes sense. He is fully embedded in his wife’s family as a regular kind of Chinese guy.

My treatment yesterday was in my room right on the beach, which was not too shabby.  I also was able to tune in better to the way the system works by talking while he worked.  Ligaments are the focus of this work. To balance and restore life energy ( aka chi) to the body, the ligaments are carefully worked and compared to each other.  During the time he worked I was able to feel amazing changes by noticing where he was touching me.  This time at the end of the session I felt super great, and woke up today feeling wonderful too.  He works on people to cure problems, but in my own case feeling good  to feeling incredibly good also can be his cup of tea.  I am already wondering if I can fit one more treatment into my weekend visit.   If I lived out here I would see him regularly.  He, in my opinion, rules, and I haven’t even gotten to the Tai Chi master part yet.

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I’ve never tried any alternative medicine, but I have friends who swear by it. Sounds great!


November 18, 2012

It can be a real answer to staying well



December 30, 2012

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