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Redefining Wealth

December 17, 2012 , , ,

If you have a mortgage on your home chances are good that a redefinition of your family’s wealth has swept through your reality. To evaluate risk you might have made the assessment that your home was a good investment. You might have accepted that without question and without comparison to liquid investments. You might have purchased your home during the wild and crazy time when the banks were riding high on the fake valuation they gave your home. You might have thought, like the banks did, that there would never be any reckoning for this obvious inflation of the truth.  This harsh reality may feel like a purposeful fraud that was executed on you without your participation.  The question to ask is ” Did I convince the bank I could afford this, or did the bank convince me?”  It does not matter.

What will make a meaningful difference is learning discernment from this kind of tragic error. The Elephant and Donkey Show is now at the point of considering taxing more heavily citizens of the US who make more than a million bucks a year.  I am so all over that if they tax the living daylights out of that group, and actually take their immunity through loophole out of the game. While the world watches America is hosting an epidemic of poverty and lawlessness that make some people believe the anti Christ is the American Dream.  Since Viet Nam the US has been sporting bravado rather than ethics.  Being the greatest country in the world does not involve more spin and PR than real greatness.  It involves adding value and kindness to the world by educating and caring for your own citizens.

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I liked the video.. I think it’s an interesting statement


Stevie Wilson

December 18, 2012

We were pushed into buying a house by family & have regretted our decision since Year Two, when stuff began falling apart & we couldn’t afford our home’s regular maintenance, much less its continually draining upkeep as parts kept breaking and falling off. We want nothing more than to sell this hole & move into a much more affordable apartment, where utilities are not likely to fluctuate by several hundred dollars from month to month, where someone else is in charge of the lawn, & where when the furnace busts someone else has to come replace what turns out was too small for this kind of house. Not that I’m bitter or anything… *grrr*…


Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz)

December 18, 2012

I believe that hoax is a relative term. We all participate. Accepting popular beliefs can be awful. We will not accomplish gun control. We need to start thinking greed control.



December 18, 2012

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