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All God’s Children Got Shoes

December 18, 2012 , , , , , , , ,

This song has been going around in my head as I focus on my goal for 2013. I plan to convince Tony Hseih that Floatli is the perfect official company sport of  Zappos, so he will want to market it with me.  Normally they take already developed products being sold elsewhere and market them.   I want the Zapsters to partner me to refine and package  it to perfection with me as well.  What I can offer is an international trademark on the name Floatli, my expertise, and  a fun versatile product that works for sports as well as therapy and training.  It is a perfect match for Lake Mead, or the inevitable pool for employees downtown that will be in the future.  When I visited them I was really happy to know they can pull off such a pure and direct match between the core values and the results.  Floatli also works from the core, and is fun.  I came within a few yards of  Tony as I was leaving in my Zappos shuttle back to Vegas.  I had a giant urge to blurt out my intentions, but I thought better of it.  Now I have thought about it, and I am clear.  I want to Zap, and believe I can convince the Zappsters of the merit of Zapping with Floatli. We will work this from the ground up, starting with the most important of all things, shoes.  Once I know which shoes to wear, then I will enumerate the core values and how we align perfectly, fluidly, and even geographically.  Yo, Tony, I am going to convince you, and you will like it.  I want to Zap with you for the benefit of ALL the sentient beings.  Resistance may not be futile, but Floatli is a lot more fun (one of our mutual core values).

He's Got Shoes

He’s Got Shoes

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Love me some Zappos! 🙂 Great idea!


Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz)

December 19, 2012

Well, I have studied and I am not adroit at marketing customer service…They are the best on earth.



December 19, 2012

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