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Feminine Archetypes

January 20, 2013 , , , , ,

Hekate at the Crossraods

Hekate at the Crossraods

Toni Wolfe, colleague and lover of Carl Jung, identified 4 feminine archetypes. These cardinal qualities divide feminine characters into power centers, or capabilities. Toni understood when she created this foursome as a guide that no individual is purely one archetype on the stage of life. These are ways of looking at personality and talent, not so different from fairy tales and mythological tales.

Life is circular and the core, or center of the circle, is essentially a seed from which the rest of the circle sprouts. Our DNA, birthplace and time, our circumstances at birth are at the center. We contain unique combinations of archetypal power and symbology, both in waking life and in dreams. We begin in the middle of a complex mandala, and work our way out to the edges of consciousness. Limitations are imposed for our education and edification. Dream images give us hints to our own potential as well as to danger. Fairy, Wise Woman, Lover and Queen existed in most cultures before Toni Wolfe mapped out her quadruple qualities. These can be divided, in turn, into variations on a theme.

All people have both male and female archetypes, anima and animus. These might be thought of as north and south, visible and invisible, cardinal points that must also be balanced in the fully realized being. No individual is completely masculine or feminine, good or evil, right or wrong. Tyrants represent an imbalance, a shadow or hidden quality of power, a failure to employ wisdom.  Wisdom was historically embodied in the Titan goddess Hekate, guardian of the crossroads. She has three faces, looking in three directions.  She carries, along with three torches, a key, a rope, and a knife.  She meets you at the crossroads of life and has the power to both assist and punish humans.  If she didn’t have three heads, a polecat and a pack of hounds she would resemble the Virgin of Guadalupe, and have similar intercessional powers.  Her ancient symbol is a wheel with three parts.

Hekate's Wheel

Hekate’s Wheel

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hope you will cover other female archetypes.. norse, hindu, egyptian.. that would be so fascinating


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 20, 2013

I love your posts. They are always so interesting and enlightening. I am always learning something new with them.


Suzie Carr

January 23, 2013

Thanks a lot, Susie. I appreciate that.



January 23, 2013

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January 24, 2013

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