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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

February 28, 2013 , ,

Handicrafts Club

Handicrafts Club

I have been found by a group of people I would never have guessed were looking for me. My classmates from elementary and junior high have tracked me down to invite me to the reunion of the graduation I would have had with them had I not moved. I am blown away in many ways. First, I always admire good detective work. Second, I am touched and pleased and thrilled to be remembered for so long. Third, in am in flashback mode, laughing hysterically. Stories and pictures have been produced that take me back to Oakmont, PA in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. These were very fun, if somewhat unfashionable, times. In the above picture I am in the front row with jazz hands crossed on lap at the left end. Nobody remembers what kind of handicrafts we made.  Another sexist ploy like home ec, where I received the one and only D of my academic career for stabbing the seam ripper through the pocket of my apron sewing project.  Mrs. Gallashun, you can shove your apron….because I still have it for some perverse reason.

Jr high cheerleaders

Jr high cheerleaders

In the photo above I am seated in my Oaks sweater, which was green and white. I am  third from the left, leaning conspicuously to the left in some body language clue about my feelings about my fellow cheerleaders.  This one is very funny to me because it brings on total recall of the games and the cheers and getting my collar bone broken playing tackle football with the high school boys when my parents were out of town.  In fact it brings back floods of nostalgia and appreciation for the really excellent place we had to live as kids.  We had Roberto Clemente, and life was very easy.

These are the people with whom I built snow forts, went sledding, ice skated, sang, baton twirled, and played dodge ball. These are the people who taught me to speak with a very heavy accent I no longer have, but do enjoy hearing.  I am into the Amish Mafia on TV because I like to hear them talk.  I can’t believe they have changed so much, but still sound the same. The Oakmonters are having a party which includes a tour of the high school, which happens to be the same building where I went to elementary school, two blocks from my house.  I think I have to go.  I think the past is calling loudly, and I have to answer. It is just too funny.

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wow. that’s quite some effort they put in to find you.. if someone tried to find me.. from that era.. they would have to look pretty hard.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 2, 2013

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