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Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open Minded

March 8, 2013 , ,


The Zappos fourth core value is about creativity and adventure.  This aspect of life is my driving force.  I enjoy being creative in everything I do.  I have had great work environments with all my marketing partners.  I was an outside sales travel agent , an independent contractor teaching at fabulous spas, and sometimes I would combine the two.  I was a potter before that who had marketing partners in galleries.   I supplied the creativity, sometimes the product, and they provide the infrastructure, like accounting.  I embrace failure by being very productive..moving beyond errors by making lots of them. This core value at Zappos is an acceptance of failure as part of success.  Without courage to fail you also lack courage to change anything.

I want Zappos to be my next marketing partner because I believe it can work very well for both of us.  I think the product Floatli will be popular if marketed well, and that the sport, Floatli, can be a thinking, training, cooperation activity at Zappos.  It can be totally non competitive, or mimic another game like volleyball wearing the equipment.  By reversing gravity, the participant usually regresses and feels like laughing.  If you loose control you just float to the top of the water, so injury is extremely unlikely while practicing Floatli in a pool, river, or lake.  It can also feel good to move underwater with support when injury makes walking or running impossible.  Prehabilitation is a great use of the Floatli system. With good range of motion and enhanced flexibility from movement n water, you are a lot less likely to hurt yourself at an active sport like skiing.

I am not looking for a job at Zappos, but a partnership, to sell the most innovative system for staying fit and flexible in the water.   I will fly to Vegas, Tony, and give you a demo any time you feel adventurous and open minded enough to give me an opportunity to show you how it works.  I believe we have very similar core values.  I always love your products, and on my visit I loved the atmosphere at the office in Henderson.  I admire the way you handle business and the happiness of all involved.  I believe I can make a positive contribution to that mission, and add even more creativity to their already very zesty mix.

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good luck Pamela, it sounds like you have found a good niche for yourself!


I want to work with them….seriously a lot.



March 8, 2013

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