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Poetic Justice

April 4, 2013 , ,

Any unexpected twist that makes a story intriguing demands our attention.  We expect certain things to happen in context, so when they do not we begin to wonder about the nature of things.  The term poetic justice was coined between 1720-1730.  Much drama and some poetry contains this magical distribution of perfect reward and retribution in exactly the right proportion to all parties.  Rarely do we see this in action in real life. It is more common to witness social, political, or just plain crazy injustice.

We can write stories and poems that highlight our own particular brand of justice.  Simply focus and spotlight on causes like nature, environmental awareness, or animal cruelty can change hearts and minds.  You can be a spokesperson for the things that matter to you.  The impact you have may never be known to you, but that is not a good reason not to create and share your own version of poetic justice.  If you bother to bring your message artfully and with grace you may hit the target you hoped to find in the gentle reader.

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nice post, short but I never knew about the origin of poetic justice


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