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Provide for the Future

April 17, 2013 , ,

We are always providing something. It can be waste and decay, or it can be brilliance. Usually it is both.  The buzzword-o-moment is provide value through content.  This blog, for instance, is intended to provide the gentle reader with some facts, entertainment, and history.  Unlike printed media, if the system does not crash this digital data will exist forever. We are now kicking out content of all kinds a mile a minute to be archived permanently in the cloud.  Value is not only in the eye of the beholder, but in the almost infinite ability to search and surf on this future cloud.  While we stuff this cloud with presumed value the earth itself requires more attention.

Bees and pollinators provide for the future.  Seed libraries leave a legacy to generations that follow.  Look down, gentle reader.  Wisdom resides in nature. Meditative attention to nature is healing and holistic.  Withdrawal from the seasons, the botany, and the wildlife of the land deprives the spirit and represses the soul.

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