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Charts and Maps

June 4, 2013 , , ,

I love maps and charts.  I am wild about pedigrees and anatomical models.  The visual imagery path is my natural way to learn.  I read, but to really get into a subject, I read charts, mind maps, and even word derivation.  I am curious about where things arise and where they go.  I like charts because they show momentum and details that we would not be able to hold in our heads without a picture. Here are words about the time I was born:

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
Sun Aquarius 9.58 Ascendant Aries 5.44
Moon Scorpio 10.22 II Taurus 14.09
Mercury Capricorn 16.19 III Gemini 10.55
Venus Aquarius 28.33 IV Cancer 3.18
Mars Pisces 6.24 V Cancer 26.12
Jupiter Pisces 10.52 VI Leo 24.41
Saturn Libra 2.03 R VII Libra 5.44
Uranus Cancer 6.10 R VIII Scorpio 14.09
Neptune Libra 19.30 R IX Sagittarius 10.55
Pluto Leo 18.50 R Midheaven Capricorn 3.18
Lilith Gemini 12.49 XI Capricorn 26.12
Asc node Pisces 19.42 XII Aquarius 24.41

Now here is the chart:

Birth Chart

Birth Chart

I like the visuals.  One part of our intelligence is keyed into these pictures and symbols.  We take in the information in a different way when we see it in a circle.  The practice of drawing mandalas, or any circular design has been a hobby of mine since I was a child.  I had a toy called the Magic Designer that held round paper discs and created geometric designs.  This technology would later become Spirograph.

I think my love for charts makes me a good navigator.  I have done a fair amount of it in planes and cars with accuracy.  I enjoy knowing exactly where I am. The same can be said of my family tree.  I stay the same, but as the tree grows and I learn more about my pedigree I have a much fuller picture of my karmic situation.  If you read charts, now you do too, gentle reader.

What do you think?

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I do wish I was visual that way! I am useless with maps!!


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