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Wurst, Weiners, and Weenies

July 3, 2013 , , , ,

hot dog

hot dog

Fast food has been known to the Euros for ages. They demand fast food everywhere all the time, but it is local and superb. They are all about the grilled wurst. It s everywhere, grilled outside and served with a piece of bread, but no hot dog bun. This snack/meal is the basic on the go food for German-speaking peeps, including the Swiss. Everywhere you go with Swiss people they end up with a wurst. It is not what I eat, but there are plenty of street foods that I adore.  My favorite dish on earth is vegetarian tandooori schnitzel at Hiltl.  The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe is in Zurich, in the heart of  downtown Switzerland; the schnitzel calls to me in my dreams.

How we fell so far from the wurst grilling street vendors to the Wienerschnitzel  chili dog is a sad story of linguistic and culinary decline.  A schnizel is a filet of pork sirloin, and not a hot dog in any way. Wiener refers to Vienna, a culinary hub where I assure you nobody would consider eating the chili dog or our famous canned Vienna sausage.  They just would not do that to their taste buds and bodies.  Beanie Weenies would be scorned as well because food that rides around in a can is simply not fast.  The first ingredient in these alleged fast foods is petroleum, since they are shipped great distances in freezing conditions or heavy packaging.

Ironically, on the most important weenie weekend of the year, 4th of July, I probably pay more for my vegetarian apple smoked sausage which I will eat with organic sauerkraut than most people pay for the meat hot dog, corn dog, or burger.  It too has traveled far in the so called health food supply chain.  I have bought these because I am lazy and have not made my own, which are always better than store bought.  At least when I want a chili dog I make the chili.  Truly taking care of body earth and soul means saying good bye, or at least see you later to processed foods that cost too much to produce.  These well traveled weenies are not good for anyone.  To heal the politics of the nation we need to pass on the used Weiners, and get back to basic whole civilization.

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I have to say, what Europeans know as ‘fast food’ is not the same as ‘street food’. For us, Fast Food is American in origin – think Macdonalds, KFC, White Castle etc. Street food is something quite different and not necessarily ‘fast’ to make – just able to be heated if necessary and served easily. Good street food is made from local ingredients and local recipes. .


Thanks for the definitions. I know you all eat the (US fast) foods too, but at least you still have really good street food. It is arriving here in the food trucks. We should all have tasty street is like a natural right.



July 3, 2013

I like hot dogs occasionally (*think 4 x a year). Not often.. but if it’s a good wurst, that gets more 411. love the video!!


I like them about 8 times a year, but they need to be veg. I am good at making my own burgers, but have not mastered the hot dog situation..I buy the ready made like everyone else.



July 6, 2013

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