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Ruby Taylor on Racism

July 14, 2013 , , , ,

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, a heart of grace, and a soul generated by love.”
Coretta Scott King

I know a very special woman through social media named Ruby Taylor.  She lives in Lancaster, PA, a town I knew well because I spent a year going to boarding school in Lititz, PA.  She has a wonderful attitude, but the reason she caught my attention is that my mother’s name is Ruby Taylor.  I study my ancestors to learn about ethical will and history.  This week I thought about slavery in terms of my slave owning ancestor who ran away to Florida with her slaves in order to be in Spain in the 1700’s.  She actually bought and sold slaves in Florida.  This is heavy, and I can picture the whole crazy trip. Meanwhile the Zimmerman verdict was delivered in Florida.  Much ado…

The most profoundly wise statement of the day came from Ruby Taylor:

“Truth the prosecutor did a poor job preparing the case and in his closing statement proved the case for the defense.Next we need to be just as vocal when people in the inner cities kill black children no matter the race.My brother Daniel Tyrone Taylor was shot in the head and murdered by a black boy at the age of 16 years old. So, to me murder is murder no matter the race.We have a justice system and whether you agree or not justice was served. Justice does not mean the verdict is what we want. Justice mean the case was heard in court and the jury made a decision based on the evidence.My view and my truth.Be mad at violence and the lost of life not just because the person holding the gun was white.The family can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against Zimmerman and the proof and evidence is much less.I just do not want justice for Trayvon I want justice for every child black, white, and/or hispanic who is murdered. Justice and protection for all children.Good Night!”
Being mad at violence is the only rational reaction.  Ruby Taylor of Lancaster, I sincerely hope we are blood relatives.  Ruby Lee Taylor of Humble, TX changed her middle name to Lea because she didn’t really want to be named for Robert E., but you can never change your ancestry or the part your family played in history.  You can learn from their mistakes which was the entire purpose of the mistakes.  Justice and violence don’t mix, gentle readers. Let us all find ways to reduce violence in the world.  Ruby says smiling counts, and I am absolutely sure that she is right about that.

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