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Culture in Need of Lovingkindness

September 16, 2013 , , ,

Today we watch another mass shooting unfold in DC like the reality show that it is. The constant reminder of violence must have something to do with the growth and spread of violence. Lovingkindnessis the remedy for our growing epidemic of right and wrong.  If everyone is busy deciding to be right and seek vengeance from those who are wrong who will get in touch with reality?  Have we given up reality to watch it on television and tweet it live?  How riveting will it be to live tweet the IPO of twitter?  While some see gun control or calorie control as the way to solve of cultural problems, I believe we are highly delusional as a society.  The guns and the health issues are symptoms of systems that do not work.  Our distraction is killing us as individuals and as a culture.

Numb and nihilistic as we witness weather and violent torrents of human hatred wash over our land, we twist the truth by looking for the single issue or party on which to place blame.  The events in the world must blur for those who play computer games as well as absorb world tragedy as it unfolds.  The digital distance we have from other other humans and the truth is dragging us in a downward spiral of delusion.  I wonder if people can wake up and think they are in the World of Warcraft…or some variation on it.  We are cultivating violence and maya, when our only hope is in truth and lovingkindness.  Each of us generates energy that fuels the hatred; none of us is perfect.  On an individual basis we must take responsibility to feed and care for the soul of the world until al beings are free.  This will require centering.  This will require a shift in focus and a pivot in the direction of our thinking.

What do you think?

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if only most thought this way.. the world would be a different place


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 17, 2013

Here we have fewer mass shooting – but then owning a gun in the UK is much more controlled. We do however, have bad knife crime. One man was knifed to death last night as he bought the newly released computer game (violent) he’d been queing for. Violence breed violence


Fiona Maclean (@fionamaclean)

September 18, 2013

Love the way you say it and it’s so true – I think there is a disconnect with reality and a drastic shift in focus and priorities.



September 19, 2013

Thanks, Rebecca. I always appreciate your point of view.



September 20, 2013

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