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Trickster Timeline for December

December 3, 2013 , ,

When our parents told us about Santa they may have introduced the trickster archetype. They meant to transcend stuffy conventional behavior by using a character who rides in a reindeer sleigh.  They created a fairy tale about being good little girls and boys in order to influence us.  They fooled us, some more, some less.  I remember finding the matching Ginny doll ( she was before Barbie, and younger with flat feet) dress my mother was sewing hidden in a drawer before Christmas.  I knew it was going to become a surprise from Santa, and I instantly activated my own trickster archetype in order to make my parents keep up the heavy duty gifting.  The double tricking, which was probably known to all, lasted until I felt the need to tell them I had busted them and was no longer in need of a Santa Claus.

Kids in other cultures are taught different stories about Christmas.  Traditional celebrations  frequently predate Christianity, but have blended now with church practices.  Krampus, aka Shmutzli, is the dark, scary-hairy dude who travels with St. Nicholas on Dec 6.  They have the job of scaring all the children into good behavior for the following three weeks.  Only the well behaved kids will be gifted by the baby Jesus on the night before Christmas when he flies around and enters their windows with presents.  Advent is typically a big deal in Europe, as is Three Kings Day.  They spread it out over a longer period, not so much focus on 25 Dec and buying all the goods in the world.  December 6th is officially Krampus Day in Austria, which they enjoy with much costuming and scary monster gear, like torches.  I was once in Vienna on Krampus Day and came upon one in the night..they jump out and shock the bejezuz out of you.  Krampus is much more popular in Austria than Santa, I think because he is more exciting.  He is often seen hanging from rear view mirrors in December in Austria.

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