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I Adore Elisio Pitta

December 13, 2013 , , , ,

I met Elisio Pitta 20 years ago when he visited Rancho la Puerta to teach and do a capoeira demonstration.  I had never seen capoeira before and was fascinated by the grace and power of the movements.  He taught us some Brazilian folkloric dance also.  We were all beginners, but he managed to get us all moving and enthusiastic in the few days he was our teacher.  I have had the opportunity to learn from excellent teachers, but his talent to both teach and move was beyond compare.  I never really attempted to learn the form, but I never forgot it either.

His career in dance has taken him around the world from his hometown, Bahia.  He lives on a hill with a fantastic view of  the Atlantic and has very deep cultural roots in the city.  He has been performing a new dance of his own creation there this week, and soon will take the show on the road.  Next month he will perform Othello in Shakespeare’s own country, in Liverpool England.  Using Brazilian music and original choreography by Elisio he interprets the classic story of jealousy and regret.  He dances the part of Othello and projects the other characters onto the stage in preproduced segments to tell the story of Desdemona’s ill fated murder and his subsequent remorse.  He is using contemporary props and costuming in the production to go with his digital cast members.  I asked him why he decided to be Othello and he told me that it is the Year of Shakespeare and he always wanted to do it.  Classy.

I admire his extreme creativity and dedication to the art of dance.  His natural talent is obvious, but he has used his talents and his strong cultural lineage to transcend boundaries.  I think Shakespeare is proud of him.  I am pleased to know such a talented and artistically ambitious man.

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yay, I can comment again! I love dance…very hard to explain in photos…


fiona maclean

December 13, 2013

nice piece on the dancer. there are very few dancers recently that resonate with me.. so I will check this one out!!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 15, 2013

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