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Metanoia and Spirit

January 2, 2014 , ,

We are influenced daily, and there are people claiming to representing us daily, but we are unaware of most of it. As we forge our futures we find obstacles to happiness of both physical and spiritual natures. Our quest is never a solo, even if we think we act alone. We are slaves to certain beliefs and we ensalve others to our beliefs as much as we can.  If we do not transform the way we look at our habits and our regrettable past behavior we are likely to be stuck in repeating, regretting, and then repeating the same patterns.

Metanoia is the concept of repentance that has been badly used and understood.  Confession can be way to act temporarily sorry to absolve oneself of  responsibility for past transgressions.  As a practice it may teach that we are out of control, will repeat, and then feel very guilty about our behavior ad infinitum.  This constant cycle of guilt and repeated undesirable action has little hope of creating liberation or happiness.  The guilt is an almost certain sign that the action will be repeated.  It is the currency of pain.  Repentance of the depressing kind is a revolving door or shame leading to more guilt.

My favorite author, Thomas Moore, has written a new book, A Religion of One’s Own, which will be zapped into my Kindle in a few days.  To warm up for this book he translated the Gospels from the original Greek language.  To warm up for reading the new book I am reading Writing in the Sand, a book Thomas Moore wrote about the meaning of the Gospels. Chapter 2  of Writing in the Sand is about Metanoia, but not of the shameful kind.  This word refers to a change of mind so profound as to cause a shift in vision.  Thomas breaks down the literal meaning to bring a completely different sense to the word and what it represents.  His knowledge of the original language brings back the meaning of the Gospels.  I agree that we all need a spiritual and a soulful context for living.  Thomas Moore is an ethical  voice with a powerful message.  I hope you will have a chance to read his work.  It constantly inspires me.

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A good book(s) for my lovely wife Candy in her continuing ministry with me of 46 years in August. Am I that old?


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January 3, 2014

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