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January 7, 2014 , , ,

My Clean Office

My Clean Office

Clean desk, clear mind, well defined goals, and a new practices are being planned for the new year. Finishing what one starts is a big lesson in my life since I like to start everything all the time.  My declaration of the war on clutter has revealed how much of an overstock I had in some parts of my life and space.  Dilligence to stay clean is a constant effort, since tax season is upon us and the paper will be flowing in and sorted for that fun activity.  I know taxes are an excuse, and not a good one, to pile up papers rather than file or discard them on the spot. I have had a remedial session with a house keeper deep cleaning as I deep organize and toss.  I have a box of paper I need to sort, but I created a temporary clean desk for the week, and will not return to the stack of paper lifestyle in 2014.  I am dedicated to wasting less space and less time on distraction.  Nothing is more distracting than a bunch of really important tax documents mixed and stacked in a pile of all the latest AARP junk mail and bank offers, taking up the space around you.  It is very silly to allow that junk mail to get to the desk..Just like wiping one’s feet at the door, it is easier to keep the unwanted schmutz from entering in the first place.

In order to take off the runway must be cleared of any obstructions.  The glass top of my desk is to remain clean and clear beyond National Clean Desk Day.  I will not allow this achievement to drown in a sea of paper.  I vow to throw it out at the mailbox and edit it before it comes to the office.  Every day I will file, use or throw out  the papers that I keep.  Sticking to this practice will make me a happier person and therefore a better writer.  I am enthusiastic about the #CleanDeskDay contest launched in celebration of this wonderful concept.  Let’s get clean and stay clean all of 2014!!!  I can’t wait to see what will be posted in instagram under #CleanDeskDay to enter the contest.  The real prize is the clean desk.

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oh my goodness you are putting me to shame. And to be honest it was something I meant to do over the holiday!



January 9, 2014

Fiona, I hired housekeeper and created a false clean on the desk, but by the 13th it will be a real clean..I am going through the papers in the box on the floor….



January 9, 2014

I love this. It’s what I am shooting for. we have been on a clean-out binge at home.. everyone– particularly me–is on a clean-out and donate whenever possible.


Stevie Wilson

January 19, 2014

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