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Hacking for Dollars

January 21, 2014 , , , ,

Target Hacking Spreads-Teen Hacker In Russia (via Repost Video News)

Target hack spreads; report says at least six other U.S. retailers hit by malware

I am only one of the growing number of those who have been exploited in the Target servers.  Malice happens and today it happens fast.  I find that most people I talk to about this drastically underestimate what the Target leaking breach is capable of doing to worldwide commerce.  If the retailers can be held responsible there probably is no insurance policy big enough to cover all the loosing players in this game.  Hacking started by overriding video games, and just kept growing as a malicious sport.  I am less concerned with terrorism that arrives at an international border than I am about this kind that can cross borders with no effort.  While our military has been deployed to increase production of poppies in Afghanistan the real opposition has been taking advantage of our ignorance.  They have been hacking our retail systems and harvesting our security.  I very much doubt that this can be totally repaired.  Do you know people who have been notified that their information was stolen?  I don’t feel exactly lucky, but am glad I have been told so I can stay vigilant.  Once your identity has been stolen I think  there is a lifetime of worry that follows.

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January 22, 2014

It bites fiercely.. and it’s wrong in so many different ways. It’s not about money- it’s about showing that they can. It’s costing this country and lots of other countries too millions of dollars in lost revenue and hacked sites.
But then.;.given that I was the face and voice for McAfee for almost 2 years on the Scareware initiiative.. that’s not news to me. Unfortunately there’s a lot to be done. I should put up more 411 from Scott Schober from Berkeley Varitronics.
He’s the go-to guy with some serious answers


Stevie Wilson

January 22, 2014

We surely need answers..and a clue about how and where to stem this tide..



January 22, 2014

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