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Helvetia Knows Best

February 16, 2014 ,

Helvetia in Bern

Helvetia in Bern

Helvetia is the lady who holds the cantons of Switzerland in the palm of her hand.  She is an evolution of Abundantia, and represents the confederacy.  She presides over an extreme form of democracy in the heart of Europe.  Her resources are many and very well managed.  Her people are healthy wealthy and wise.  Her needs are few. She gets by on a minimalistic budget that covers the Swiss Army, and leaves big taxation to the cantons.  This allows her to live in relaxed elegance in comparison to her neighbors.  For centuries the Swiss have depended on foreign labor by executing contracts that required the guest worker (many from Italy before the EU) to return to the home country several times a year.  Hotels and resorts close the doors and the workers go home during soft tourism seasons.  In season the hotels provided lodging and meals for the imported workers. Although the Helvetian Confederation did not join the EU it had to make a series of trade agreements in order to survive and thrive in the very middle of the EU countries.  I used to spend a lot of time in Switzerland before the EU and I honestly did not think Europe would even pull it off in the beginning.  I was not alone in this belief.

The Swiss are very liberal in social terms and conservative in fiscal terms.  They are brilliantly efficient and endlessly frugal and creative.  They have generously accommodated Tibetans, Africans, Tamil Tigers and other refugees, providing education and finding employment for many.  Now they have an influx of Germans and Eastern Euros that have taken over much of the service segment.  This is a cultural nightmare for Helvetia and her healthy economy.  It is not so surprising to see that the rural populations are the one’s most opposed to the mass immigration.  The Italian canton, Ticino, which is inundated with Italians who wish to stay voted with those in the countryside.  They have preserved an individual culture in a confederacy with four official languages and do not wish to see history and tradition lost.

This is a small version of a big issue, which is why some are saying this could be the beginning of the end of the EU.  I respect the Swiss who want to keep the identity and independence that is an integral part of their society.  I used to tell my Swiss friends they need not vex themselves because they own the source of both the Rhine and the Rhone, the last clean water in Europe.  They can simply do what they do best, and set up meters to measure and sell that water.  Although that sounds outlandish now, there will be certain political and economic repercussions following this restriction of immigration.  My bet is on Helvetia, who is wise and has the best interests of her people in mind. She will have to defend her confederacy now.

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switzerland is not part of the EU though, their liberal policies are not from there


Fiona Maclean

February 19, 2014

But the location of it and the strength of the currency at this time, makes this a big deal, I think. We shall see. I am surprised the EU ever made it off the ground myself..



February 19, 2014

this is pretty fascinating. I have to read this again just to get it all.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 23, 2014

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