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Nextdoor, Lead by Example

February 17, 2014 , , , , ,

I am enthusiastic about It has potential to become a tool of great value to fight crime and improve life.  I invite everyone I know to start one for your neighborhood.  I opened ours just a few days ago and we have gathered more than the minimum  10 members we need to have our site supported for free for our community.  This is private, non commercial networking to improve the environment and create safer places to live.  It is not connected to any government agency or political group.  This start up knows that cities need this, and is developing the system with venture capital.  It is brilliantly simple.

We have sunk to a new nadir in Tucson.  Our neighborhood has a federally funded neighborhood watch consisting of only 5 households, for the sole purpose of willfully denying the presence of the charity scam, “Feeding the Homeless in Tucson’s Parks“.  It is a sad state of affairs when your city will break federal revenue law, getting a grant to help a small group of white collar criminals break federal revenue law in front of everyone in the neighborhood.  This makes it look like the best way to stay in any criminal business is to found a fake neighborhood watch to protect it, and help your local cops get a federal grant to help you deny that it is criminal to collect donations without reporting them to the IRS.

It is completely ironic to call this neighborhood watch when the majority has to watch the minority…and the authorities…openly break the law.  This is why Nextdoor is an important way to clean up neighborhoods. When people know what is happening around them they can make improvements together for the benefit of all.  When people live isolated lives, crime has more opportunity to exist.  If there is a real neighborhood watch that succeeds in real life, I applaud you. In our case, we need to start by simply getting some neighbors to know their neighbors.  That is progress in itself where I live.

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what is this charity scam? I don’t understand!!!


Fiona Maclean

February 21, 2014

People pose as charities and collect donations without any reporting to the IRS, or tax exempt status. They “freelance” on the sympathy of the public with no accounting.



February 22, 2014

I like this idea, what a great idea. it’s totally useful


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

February 25, 2014

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