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His Holiness on Instagram

February 20, 2014 , ,

The coolest monk on earth has opened an instagram account. His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet is now updating his travels with photos.  This is so much more exciting that Pope Francis’ twitter streams, although I do applaud @Pontifex  for multi-lingual tweeting to anyone who wants to stay in touch with him.  If you have been in the presence of His Holiness (I have had the very good fortune of doing so in 3 different teachings) you never forget the way he laughs and smiles. He is infectious and inspires this adoration instantly by giggling.  I have seen him teach in Tibetan, and even in the middle of serious rituals he jokes and giggles with his students.  By the time we had our translations in our earbuds the Tibetans were laughing at his jokes.  He connects on all levels with all people.  Those who understand and practice the fine points of Buddhism learn deeply and some probably glimpse enlightenment in his presence.  Those of us who come in relative ignorance to his teachings may come away with less refined ideas, but we are also subject to instant enlightenment in his presence.  The ancient texts he uses for study require lifetimes of study and meditation to do them justice.  When he flashes a smile from that cute baby monk face he touches everyone in exactly the same way.  Now we can all follow his smile around the world as he keeps us updated.

He enjoys a hobby in horology, and since his youth has taken watches apart to rebuild them.  I believe he is a geeky monk who appreciates technology and wants to understand and use it to the max.  What ever his reason may be, I am following him, and suggest that the gentle readers might want to check out his account.  He is changing the world with his smile.

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Wow!! That has got to be the coolest thing I’ve heard all day!!
Thank you so much for posting this 🙂


Divine Channel

February 20, 2014

I love this cool Monk! Thanks for the link!


Sunish Sebastian

February 20, 2014

me too, and now he is updating us



February 20, 2014

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