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Self Sufficient, the Tiny House Movement

March 8, 2014 , ,

Americans have started to rebound from the culture of excess.  The Tiny House Movement is a valid reaction to the waste and lack of awareness of the past.  It is a growing trend with new options sprouting up all the time.  There are rolling versions that replace the old trailer model of mobile home.  There are plans to build your own as well as contractors who specialize in this kind of construction.  The biggest advantage I can see is the tiny amount of time it would require to keep it clean. It would be impossible to leave any clutter I should imagine, since you have to see it constantly if you are not organized.  I am so far from being able to contain myself like this.  I own a barn and have an entire extra lot in which to garden.  I do think it is an admirable goal, so I have started to think about what it would take for me to get tiny.  I must start by selling many of my treasures that I no longer treasure.  How hard would it be for you to go tiny?

What do you think?

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I’m also thinking about this as I work out whether to downsize or do something completely different. It’s tough but not impossible!


March 8, 2014

Cousin Pamela- Where we live they are building monster houses, and from what I have seen nothing else. It seems crazy to me. I have had bankers tell me they do not know how these people eat. Because of my lack of worldly success, or the local mafia (the choice depends on who you talk to), we had to move into an old house with only about 1300 square feet several years ago. And, my wife Candy had to pay for most of that. After several years of painful adjustment to a lower socio-economic lifestyle, we find that we may now be better off than some of our high rolling friends, or should I say peers. Whether I messed up, or they meant it for evil, God meant it for good. cousin rick Sent from my iPad



Frederick Rehfeldt

March 8, 2014

I think that flexibility is the most valuable thing for investors to have. 1300 sq ft is adequate, and you can decide what you need and what you want…two different things.



March 9, 2014

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