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iPhone and I, Who’s Smarter?

March 26, 2014 , , ,

We are not compatible. I am SO not adjusting to my iPhone and what it has to offer. I have now owned my smarty pants phone for 3 months, and have used it for a total of about 15 minutes. This is not a productive relationship, and the issues are all mine. The phone is and was neutral, but my use (or non-use) of it are a hold over from the past that makes no sense.  I do not use my cell phone now although I was a very early adaptor of the technology.  There is something I really do not like about the attachment to the phone I observe all around me.  This is the turn off for me.   I am amazed at the places I see smart phone addiction. The weight room is now a place where interval means lift some heavy stuff and then text for a few minutes.  Needing to see the phone next to them on the floor next to the bench makes these big, strong, bovine guys look pretty wimpy.

I am not in danger of needing to be with my phone each moment, so I am not sure why I never even turn it on.  I need to deal with my problems getting into this phone or stop paying $30 a month to have it hooked up all the time.   My problem is not Apple operating systems.  I just see the phone as a creepy distraction for so many that I have purposely bought and used all other iDevises.  I use  iPads, iPod touch 5, a couple of laptops and my original iPod full of tunes.  I own stock in Apple.  What is my resistance to this  iThing?

  • It is tiny
  • It is slow
  • It makes me look normal
  • I can no longer roll over my minutes each month so it is costly
  • I don’t want to be interrupted

The interruption factor I see in others appalls me so I am committed to avoiding it.  People suffer from FOMO while they miss out on the world around them.  I don’t really think that if I carry my phone and use it that I will be overwhelmed with bothersome unwanted news.  I am only viewing the dark side of smart phones and therefore getting no benefit from the truly amazing technology.  Either the thrifty part of me will start to use it to get my money’s worth or this silly aversion will continue.  Don’t expect to see any real-time selfies any time soon.  I have the opposite of FOMO…..FOBI….Fear of Being Inerrupted.  I can’t be the only one.  How about you, Gentle Readers?  How is your relationship with your phone?  I hope yours is less codependent than mine.

What do you think?

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I love technology.. I don’t have an iphone, but on the premise that I needed a GPS for travel, I bought a samsung phone. That was great. Also, the features like Map my walk are kind of fun when trying to get a little fit. But it is a toy…. an expensive toy. What I find a bit distressing is that Starbucks will not honor giving you your reward drink unless you keep your starbucks card on a smart phone. Which i think is a bit over the top.
Most everything that I have access to now on my phone is almost an annoyance and I have found that I can turn it OFF!! LOL



March 27, 2014

O Helen, thanks, I knew I could not be alone. Mine is off all the time, but I have a visitor from out oftown this weekend, so maybe I will give it some use.



March 27, 2014

I hear this and kind of agree. while I have an android there is no less an issue with any smartphone. I wish we could roll over minutes. I wish I wasn’t so competitive with others to want to be up on instagram, facebook etc more often. But I use my cell as SM friendly and don’t check in much. Don’t take it with me when I walk the dog (and if you knew my dog, you would understand why – too distracting!)


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 28, 2014

I do think you are either apple family or not. I can’t deal with my iPad, I am sure it is just that I don’t use apple for anything else.


Agree with you Fiona..I can’t find anything after I make it on a PC..the logic is not the same.



March 29, 2014

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