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April is Poetry Month

April 3, 2014 , , ,

April is for poets, and we are all poets.  There are many ways to celebrate.  I have taken the challenge to write a poem each day in April.  My approach is zen.  The weekend workshop on ekphrastic poetry helped me find a place to begin.  By responding to art, the ekphrastic poet reflects, or echoes the artist by interpreting the artwork.  Memorizing a poem is another way to participate in the fun this month.  My father could recite almost all of the Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W Service, which was always impressive.  Stories told in rhyme stay in the mind’s eye. has a poetry party happening right now.  You can make a commonbook with quotes and poems using resources on the site.  If you are lucky enough to live in Tucson you can visit our Poetry Center to experience space completely dedicated to poetry.  Docents there are happy to give tours of the rare books and more if you call for an appointment.  Today in Tucson the 31st annual Poetry Festival invites the public for free readings and activities all weekend.  Fluency and artistry enhance the lives of those who listen.  Tune in this month to hear what you may have been missing.

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I remember the last poetry blog post you did. This will be awesome in real life. loved the poem you featured


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 4, 2014

when my mother died she was suffering from quite severe dementia. But, despite not remembering what food she had just eaten or where she was, she could recite all the poems she’d taught me when I was a child. I remember sitting on her bed alternating lines of the ballad of sir patrick spens with her. Whenever I asked where my brother lived, she’d start…because he lived in Dundee and for some reason, that was transformed to Dunfirmline!


April 5, 2014

I know what you was my dad who knew all the words to the songs, and never forget them, even when he forget everything else.



April 5, 2014

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