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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

April 10, 2014 , ,

It has come to my attention that April is not only National Poetry Month, but also National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month.  This combines several of my hobbies and interests in one action packed month.  I hope before we get to May I will have written a decent poem to grilled cheese.  There are no guarantees for my poetry, but I am no slouch in the kitchen, so I know I can create a vibrantly creative tribute to this classic comfort food that will be edible.  Perhaps that will make me wax poetic…or better maybe I can crowdsource a poem, like we did yesterday on twitter, while improvising on grilled cheese combinations.  Even better, as suggested by the fabulous Just Browsing blog by the Orem Public Library, I could throw a potluck featuring all kinds of cheese, breads, spreads and additives.  I also love the idea of reading all the grilled cheese sandwich recipes on earth, in books and on the internet as a warm up.

I am currently in love with  Romesco sauce, which seems to go on everything.  I have been making cute mini pizzas with the sauce on flat bread with various toppings, including cheeses.  It is a classic Spanish recipe which can be made several different ways, but the main ingredients are roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic, roasted hazelnuts, and roasted almonds.  Variations abound, sort of like gazpacho.  The basics are stable, but the methods and proportions differ in style.  I started with dried ancho chilies, but have adapted my recipe already to include green chile.  After a couple of days the sauce improves in the refrigerator, all the flavors melding.  I have a big batch in a bowl right now, and am roasting more tomatoes as I write.  I think this is the perfect time to invite people to my home to discover Romesco and grilled cheese.  It is a twist on tomato soup that adds depth to the entire meal.  How will you celebrate this famous sandwich’s month?  If you write a grilled cheese poem, please send it to me. Bon appetite!!

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LOVELY video. I really enjoyed it. YUMMY!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 12, 2014

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