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Lyft on Vacation

April 18, 2014 , ,

I will visit  Austin, TX in the middle of the summer. I look forward to spending time downtown where I have rented a fabulous vintage Airstream from Air BnB as my abode. I will attend a reunion party for which I will need a car, but I am investigating the choices and prices I have while I am in the city. Car rental at the airport for the entire time would cost about $1000. Since I like being driven more than I like to drive, especially in a city, I am trying Lyft as a way to buy one ride at a time.  My Airstream home is near public bus lines, and I can rent a bike for $10 a day.  I like to go on foot to see the detail around me when I visit a new area.   I know Austin has a system of bike taxis that are fun to use, especially when traffic is jammed for cars. When we went to Austin City Limits Music Festival we made use of the bike taxis, water taxis, and took a sunset party cruise on a well equipped floating live music bar.  Considering all these choices renting a car and finding parking for it wherever I go sounds less appealing than biking, floating or being driven.

During my career as a travel agent I was always grateful and happy to stay in hotels and use suppliers on the commercial market.  I made extra effort to rent private flats when I traveled.  Now that the market has changed drastically I am pleased to be able to rent with assurance from Air BnB, and now ride with assurance provided by Lyft, Uber, and probably other apps I have yet to discover.  I just joined Lyft and have received a message that the first ride is on the company as my gift for being a Lyft pioneer.  What is not to like?  We plan to go out this weekend, so I will give that free ride a trial when we want to come home after happy hour.  I will find out if they are active in Tucson and test the service.  I prefer the free ride home to any chocolate bunny.  Thanks, Lyft.

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I also like walking in cities. One just sees more of the surrounding, somehow gets in touch with the “real place” and I get the orientation much quicker.


Brigitte Kobi

April 18, 2014

I spend a few days walking concentric circles and or to places of interest near home when I travel. I discover the local feeling and usually businesses I want to frequent when I am walking or biking. In this case the live music zone is very close, and other stuff I like. If you are still footloose in July you could meet me. I found other very cool Air Bnbs in Austin close to this one.



April 18, 2014

I don’t think Air BnB is as well known here yet, but it is coming! have a great break pam


April 18, 2014

Austin in the summer.. that’s a hot time but nothing you can’t deal with. Lyft sounds amazing


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 23, 2014

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