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Laverna and the Thief Archetype

April 21, 2014 , , ,

Stealing is a way of life. Sometimes we are the victims and other times we are the thief.  Laverna is the goddess of darkness and criminal intent.  She is the patron goddess of thieves and robbers.  She teaches a very strong lesson about mortality.  If we value that which can be stolen we will be too involved in a world that has no meaning.  If we, instead, focus our efforts to create  lasting creative work that benefits others it will be impossible to steal those benefits.  Dishonest tradesman pray to her for the power to deceive and persuade.  She is con woman herself who uses trickery to gain advantage over humans.

None of us will go through life without being tricked or robbed.  Frequently these losses are caused by people we know.  Financial ignorance is an aspect of Laverna.  Allowing others to steal energy, time or valuable assets is submission to her power.  The lesson of  what is valuable and can never be taken from you is the wisdom she can bestow.  Looking back at your life you will be able to find times when you felt significantly cheated or robbed.  It is also possible to identify yourself in the role of con artist.  Young children often deceive their parents and siblings, for instance.  Taking a realistic look at the past, what has treachery and robbery taught you, gentle reader?  Have you found that which you own that nobody can steal? Have you ever caught yourself stealing from yourself?



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I like how you allude to trickery as a fundamental human impulse. Through my writings on the trickster gods i have been looking into this aspect of our psyche.


jennifer gossman

April 21, 2014

Thanks, Jennifer. Tricksters and thieves abound..but they do have lessons to impart…



April 21, 2014

This is really cool Pam. I Like this. I love how the archetype works so well with plants


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 23, 2014

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