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Distracted or Connected?

June 2, 2014 , , ,

palo verde

palo verde

The options we have for communication now boggle the mind.  Some minds seem to be desperately boggled by what it takes to tell a story or get a message out to the world today. It is easier than ever because of all the free platforms we can use. It is harder than ever to reach individuals because the competition has grown to include just about everyone on earth. Our message must be not only short and sweet, but must also strike a universal chord.  Leonardo da Vinci, especially toward the end of his life, often wrote about thinking in reverse: “Consider first the end.” and “Think well to the end.” were examples of his frequent statements on this subject. Leonardo left us with designs for flying machines and engineering that had not yet been proven when he died.  His legacy is his art, certainly.  He also left us a very strong and lasting gift of his philosophy.  His practice of connessione refined his sense of mysticism and wholeness.  He sought and found deep connection with all creation that inspired his work.

If you feel connected in a big way, or to a power larger than your own, confidence and ease are natural.  On the other hand, if you feel disconnected from something greater it is possible to entirely loose touch with a realistic self image.  We do not hold onto the same ideas or ideals for our entire life.  The concept of connection may replace true connection, or maybe we always felt like we were separate and drifting.  Now we can substitute chat/tweet/youtube views for personal relationships.  The illusion that these clicks and likes make us part of a clubby group might just be the ruin of true connecting. Take a look at your physical worldly connections (so to speak) and how they relate or substitute for spiritual contact.  I don’t think you need to join a religion or go to a certain building to make contemplation and meditation a part of your own practice.  I feel connected to spirit whenever I:

  • listen to almost any music
  • dance
  • sing
  • use color in a creative way (cook, paint, sew, combine,etc)
  • observe the heavens at night
  • immerse myself in water
  • watch the surf
  • hear poetry
  • write poetry

This list is only a partial, and ever changing accounting of my own ways to notice connessione, or systems.  Once you start to think about it you find that everything does depend on everything else, and we are all connected.  If you feel distracted and want to center your thoughts, remember all the ways the universe has collaborated to create you and keep you alive.  The systems that create us also sustain us.



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I think we are overwhelmed with communications and content. We need to be able to sift the nuggets we want to see from the chaff.
I like the idea of connection and currently I feel more connected to more people or spirit in a positive way than I would say I had in the last 4 years.

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It truly can go either way, and it is an accomplishment to join in and really be connected. Happy to hear your stream is bringing you unity. I am pretty happy with on line life too, but I had to learn the boundary ropes.



June 7, 2014

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