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Summer Solstice and Sports

June 9, 2014 , ,

When 21 June rolls around the season is about to change. Solstice is a holiday that has been celebrated around the world for centuries.  For me summer has always meant time to go in the water. I like every kind of water sport from beaches, lakes, rivers , or pools. Swimming, surfing, sailing, paddle boarding, water skiing, or  kayaking, I am happy to watch others with greater skill as well as indulge in trying it all.  I am not a surfer but I admire the skill very much.  I am also a huge fan of all the new ways to capture action video. My high risk sporting days are over, and I am happy to have survived.  These are the sports I like to watch and imagine I am doing myself:

  • Extreme skateboarding
  • Flying around on BMX bikes
  • Water ballet (seriously)
  • Sailing races
  • Rowing races
  • Kayaking
  • River running
  • Surfing
  • Water skiing

I watched X Games from Austin over the weekend and am inspired to see all the tricks and athleticism created by the participants.  They continue to set the bar higher all the time by making up new tricks.  I like all the events that are not motorized.  The mini truck and moto cross rallies are not my style, but I understand that it takes plenty of practice and skill to do that too.  I just can’t imagine myself flipping a motor bike, but somehow I can think of myself flipping and flying on a BMX bike.  I applaud the new sports and the people who continually create them.  I admire surfers the most.   If I could magically be given the ability to surf I would consider all my lifetime wishes to have come true.  What sporting ability do you wish you were granted as a gift on Solstice this year?


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wow.. what a great time. I love summer, I love June but I really don’t like the thought of Solstice and the days getting shorter. It’s barely begun .. and then it starts getting shorter every day.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 13, 2014

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