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Celebrating the Muses

June 13, 2014 , ,

Apollo and the 9 muses

Apollo and the 9 muses

In Greek mythology the nine muses are daughters of Mnemosyne.  She was the muse of memory.  Zeus slept with her for 9 nights, resulting in the birth of the 9 muses.  They were raised by Apollo and a nymph in a secluded atmosphere. They became completely dedicated to the arts.  Each was in charge of a different aspect of culture:

  • Calliope-epic song
  • Clio-history
  • Euterpe-lyric song
  • Thalia-comedy
  • Melpomene-tragedy
  • Terpsichore-dance
  • Erato-erotic poetry
  • Polyhymnia-sacred hymns
  • Urania-astronomy

June 14 is celebrated as the birthday of the muses. Have you ever tried to invite a muse for a visit in your creative world?  I have wanted to be more poetic since I discovered my Pilgrim poet ancestor, Mistress Bradstreet.  I made some effort in April to write a poem each day, but I think the missing piece is the muse.  I have trudged away at the poems without inviting a spark or a mystic inspiration to reach into the creative process.  I have assigned myself the job of poet, but have not consulted with the poetic energy that inspires and makes art possible.  Words themselves need a creative current or tradition on which to flow, or the audience will be left flat.  I love comedy the best, although Mistress Bradstreet was more about sacred hymns.  Next time I go out into the world I will ask Thalia to accompany me to find the humor in what I experience.  Which is your favorite muse?  Could you call on them to enhance your creativity more often? I know I could.

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I love Terpisichore and Thalia – beautiful words apart from anything else


June 13, 2014

I remember reading about the muses and Apollo quite a bit when I was a kid. I was the only kid in class who could pronounce all the names.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 16, 2014

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