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Empire Avenue, Magic of the Market

June 16, 2014 , , ,


Herman and I

Herman and I

I listed my own IPO on Empire Avenue last July with the hope of seeing better statistics about my social media activity. I have really enjoyed the extra data complied for me, but the real fun on the Avenue is all the support the players give each other.  I am done with wild speculation in my real life finances but am happy to swing from the fences to invest in new and quirky people on the Avenue.  The minimum investment for a brand new kiting is 200 shares, but generally they start at a low price, so this is affordable.  The best part for me is the lack of risk, although it mimics the stock market.  The top four scores on your social media ratings create your stock price, along with action on your account.  I do love seeing the charts of each platform and details on the activity.  I am a chart freak, so I look at the EA data all the time to check my execution.  When my score drops I  pay attention to that platform and change the way I post and respond.  Generally speaking the score is about volume of participation.  In that sense it is like Klout.  Unlike Klout, the scores and the elements of them are revealed on a daily basis, so you can make real time use of them.

Empire Avenue is social and helpful in the missions department.  By visiting twitter streams, websites, and fan pages one becomes familiar with members and earns Empire bucks in the process.  It is a really good form of advertising that exists for members only. I have not issued any missions for my own platforms, but I do enjoy meeting new people and supporting my old friends by completing their missions.  I have spent less time on the Avenue than on other platforms, not really chatting and commenting in it, and yet the usefulness has surpassed other platforms.  I have found it to be much more professional than LinkedIn, and more social than Facebook.  The people I meet there tend to be connected on all platforms, which is pretty cool.  The idea that we own shares in each other and can boost each other specifically is unique to Empire Avenue.  I don’t do any other kind of gaming, but I adore the thrill of my stock price going up and my portfolio paying big dividends.  Many EA participants have paid to expand their ability to purchase, etc.  I have yet to spend a penny of real money, but have reaped almost a year of bountiful social profits. This may not be for everyone, but if you like the real life stock market, and also participate in social media you might like to see what Empire Avenue will do for you.  If you join, let me know and I will buy some shares to kick start your price.  It provides excellent cheap thrills.

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Great smile Pam! VERY interesting piece about EA


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 18, 2014

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