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Theme Party, Sabotage

July 6, 2014 , ,

“Even pudding needs a theme.”- Winston Churchill. He could not have ben more insightful.  Americans often use freedom as a theme for national celebrations.  We repeat themes in our lives without awareness, but how would it make a difference if we embraced themes?  Leonardo da Vinci pioneered mind mapping by drawing similarities between seemingly unrelated things.  His essential belief in Connessione broadened his thinking and increased his creativity.  He took notes constantly, drew pictures and diagrams that we are lucky enough to be able to see today.  His notebooks are full of connections, discovery and contemplations.

“every part is disposed to unite with the whole, that it may thereby escape from its own incompleteness”-Leonardo da Vinci.  If we think in terms of unification, or connectedness it is obvious that no part of life exists by itself, on its own, with no assistance.  Our social connections are different from our commercial connections, and our survival connections are a different group.  We rely on systems, nature, people, and cultural beliefs to keep our lives running.  By taking a theme for a day we can start to see how connections are at least as important as single relationships.  Every relationship touches other relationships, and so it goes.  Within the personality of each person there may be dynamic tension or power struggles daily.  There are themes within those dramas too.  Pick one and observe it for a day, or a week.

Choosing to observe sabotage might reveal deep meaning.  We certainly sabotage others and are sabotaged by others.  It is also true that we sabotage ourselves and pretend others have done it.  Drawing a timeline of the history of self sabotage can be interesting, but why not look at this phenomena in real-time?  Check out daily habits that dilute health, happiness or finances.  The theme of saboteur is well-known in fiction because everyone has this common issue in real life.  If you take time to observe your inner saboteur at work notice how it is connected to those who seem to sabotage you from the outside. Are they in secret alliance?  How do they know your weaknesses so well?  Are you in cahoots?  What are the themes your inner and outer saboteurs use to stay connected to you?

What do you think?

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The idea of letting our choices go as a form of sabotage is new to me. It places a different perspective on how we approach those crossroads, huh!



July 6, 2014

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