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Chi Nei Tsang, Ancient Healing Art

July 13, 2014 , , ,

I am lucky to have found, right in my neighborhood, a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner of great talent and ability. Her name is Desiree Maultsby and her practice is at Rooted Massage Therapy in Tucson.  I  wanted to address inflammation in my organs that was discovered at my thermography session.  Obviously my lifestyle and diet are under my own control and can be improved.  To help me better understand and improve the chi flow in my internal organs I wanted to use Chi Nei Tsang because I know it is effective.

Taoist practices are simple, yet complicated.  There is order, but there is a great deal of mystery as well.  Chi, universal energy, moves through the body and around it.  The way we direct chi, and allow it to flow will determine the state of our health and our mood.  The most basic way to think about chi in the abdomen is to bring to mind the proverbial knot in the stomach.  Stress, improper habits and diet, and other factors can constrict and block the flow of energy and circulation in the internal organs.  Deep breathing is the best way to relieve these constrictions and restore good function to all the organs.  With the help of a practitioner a chi nei tsang session can bring dramatic and instant results in healing congestion in the abdomen.  There are simple practices of self massage and breathing techniques that can be done between sessions to greatly enhance the results.  This is, for practical purposes, a meditation technique.  Your awareness will grow from this practice, of both the power of your breath, and the importance of freeing up energy in the organs.

Physical issues that bring pain to the abdomen may very well be related to trauma held in the gut.  Breathing techniques and sound vibrations have healing effects on the specific organs.  Your practitioner will guide you by giving you meditative instruction as well as reminders about breath.  By working very closely together in this way deep psychic wounds you don’t even know you have can be healed.   The treatment is not at all like a Swedish massage, which I really like for the pleasurable feeling at the time.  This is a full on transformational pursuit.  If you want to chat or stay on the surface, then chi nei tsang is not for you.  You remain clothed and the treatment takes place on a mat on the floor, to make the best use of gravity.  I am very impressed with the progress my body has made in just three sessions with Desiree.  I recommend her work to anyone interested in making profound changes.  She provides plenty of supplemental information for those who want to do their homework.


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Pam, thank you for the fabulous write up! Blessings!



July 13, 2014

Thank YOU for the fabulous treatments!



July 13, 2014

You are very lucky to have that chi practitioner… wow. that’s pretty potent stuff. I love the way to resolve the physical issues. This sounds really interesting.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 16, 2014

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