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Travel Time

July 16, 2014 , , ,



Time may be finite, but I notice that it can expand and contract based on circumstances. When I am home I always have some day to day chores waiting for me. Being busy is not my style, but I do cross items off the to do list in a regular fashion. Planning is big for me, but it often leads to changing plans.  I drive very little by choice, so on line shopping is a big friend of mine when I am not supporting local businesses.  My routine includes time with friends, my dog, and my neighbors as well as tending the garden and running the house. I find excitement in studying my ancestors, history, culture and the arts.  I rarely need to go anywhere to stimulate my imagination and creativity.   I had a long career as a travel agent, so I am very able to make choices and plans that suit my fancy in terms of a destination.  I like to spend my holiday time involved in activities I either can’t do at home, or just don’t do at home.  Some of my favorite vacation features are:

  • Natural bodies of water..of any kind, with a strong preference for hot springs
  • Sporty, creative community
  • City life..I like nature just fine, but I don’t want to stay in it
  • Shopping of an unusual, artistic nature
  • Music
  • Museums, art, science, anything
  • Historical societies
  • Graveyards
  • Interesting cuisine and agriculture

My budget for both time and money is set free during holiday times.  I look for new ways to spend both that I have never done.  I do a lot of research before i visit a place.  I usually have a long list of possible places I want to go, and then let the weather be the deciding factor.  I need some rainy day plans as well as some perfect day plans.  My main goal in traveling is to flow into  a new schedule, a new culture, and a new rhythm based on what I discover.  I usually do some reconnaissance on foot to see what the neighborhood has to offer before I set out in a car.  I study maps and read reviews to help me decide what to investigate.  It is a perfect combination of very well informed and not obligated to anything.  I am looking forward to doing this for the next to weeks in Austin, Texas, live music capitol of the US.  I hope my gentle readers will enjoy the trip as you come along for the ride.


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I love that you created a list of things you prefer to do.. and it’s a great way to share with others including friends, relatives and travel agents .. to find the best fit of activities.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 17, 2014

sounds wonderful pam – and it’s an area of the US I don’t even know from other blogs!


July 17, 2014

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