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German Free School in Austin

July 19, 2014 , ,

Many Germans were settlers in Texas. I noticed in the Oakwood Cemetery lots of headstones noting birthplaces in Germany or Prussia, and some were inscribed in the German language.  As I was walking downtown Austin on a Saturday I passed a sign for the German Free School.  I was curious to see kids at play in the courtyard.  I asked a lady next to the gate if there was a museum in the building.  She was very friendly but on duty with the kids who come on the weekends to learn German.  She directed me to another adult upstairs who took me on a quick tour while the kids were still on play break.  It is small, but very well preserved.  When there are no other events taking place they rent it out for weddings and parties.  It would be a very elegant place for any affair.  The library is full of books in German or about Germany, and a wonderful collection of antiques gives the full impression of German artistic flair.  Ornate carved furniture, that must be priceless, fills the main room.  The courtyard is also very well designed with nice statuary.  I want to show the gentle readers what I saw on my lucky personal tour of this historic landmark.  Achtung Baby!

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this is lovely! I knew there was a large german immigrant population in the US, but this heritage stuff is great

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July 20, 2014

Thanks Fiona. I knew they were here, but not in such great numbers so early. I certainly did not know they were still carrying on as Germans…



July 20, 2014

Cool.. a German school in Austin. Nice to know! I had no idea.. (*maybe others didn’t either)

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 21, 2014

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