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El Chilito, Austin

July 21, 2014 , ,

My landlady leaves a book of recommendations in the Airstream for her visitors which I have found to be helpful. There are way too many choices for Mexican food and I only want the best. Her statement about El Chilito is that they have the best breakfast tacos in town.  I have been here for 5 days and have not had a single tortilla, so I followed her advice and drove to Manor Rd for some tacos.  The menu is extensive, with plenty of options for vegetarians.  I had a migas taco and a bean, cheese and egg taco which were both full of flavor and very satisfying.  The style is double tortilla (you can order it with flour, but I always prefer corn) soft taco.  The only seating is outdoors, but the foil wrapper keeps the food hot for a while if you want to take it with you.  They also have a large selection of aguas frescas and other drinks.  They even serve mimosas.  Funky, original, and perfect…El Chilito is the real deal.  If you visit this fine city and are hungry for Mexican food check this place.  Prices are low, just like their overhead.  I plan to return.  I don’t need to try all the other breakfast tacos.  I think my landlady is right.

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This looks So GREAT.. I am digging those Miga Tacos.. Did you try an aqua fresca?
This sounds like an awesome place!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 21, 2014

No aguas yet, but I will return to this place for sure.



July 22, 2014

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