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Austin Ashiatsu, Better than Your Average Bodywork

July 24, 2014 , , ,

I had the deep pleasure (pun intended) of experiencing for myself the talented feet of Cathy Royder.  I can admit to being a bodywork pig.  But I am a picky and discriminating bodywork pig.  At home I am a patron of the “hospital spa”, Supportive Care for Healing at the U of A Cancer Center.  The public is welcome to use the facility, with or without cancer.  The very best therapists in Tucson give 1 hour treatments there for just $40, which is hog heaven for a bodywork pig like me.  I do patronize some therapists in their private practices as well, but usually I get those bargain treatments because I can afford more of them.

On holiday now I am in exotic splurge mode because that is what holidays are intended to be.  Lucky for me Austin Ashiatsu is literally right down the street from my temporary home in the hood.  A quick check of the map, an easy to navigate appointment made on the website….and voilá….I found myself under the very capable feet of Ms.Royder,L.Ac, MAOM, LMT.  She asked me what kind of pressure I wanted and I replied that she could go all the way.  After a couple of minutes I had to tell her to lighten up a bit. I was astonished how such a small person could exert so much pressure.  We arrived at the perfect pressure for me, and I drifted into happy land for the next hour.  The treatment was lovely and I feel very balanced and refreshed as a result.   If you live in Austin, make yourself an appointment for a super mini holiday at 1306 E 7th St.  If you are visiting the city I recommend this experience to make your time here extra special.  I recommend this service to anyone who likes to feel good.  She will whip out the tuning forks in certain circumstances…I might need to return for that!!!  Tuning forks on acupuncture points is a very powerful way to treat the body.


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This post and the video.. makes this so enticing. I love massages… I am a huge fan of different techniques and modalities. THIS one I have to try


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 26, 2014

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