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Vitex Agnus Castus

August 12, 2014 , , ,


Vitex is a tree with powerful medicinal uses. It stimulates and normalizes the pituitary gland, regulating progesterone.  It can produce opposite effects at different times and in different subjects, which is known as an amphoteric remedy.  As a hormone balancer it is used for menopausal changes as well as to regulate the body after using birth control pills.  The common names of the plant, chaste tree, or monk’s pepper indicate that it is an anaphrodesiac, but in some circumstances it will act as an aphrodisiac.  The berries and the purple flowers are the parts of the plant most commonly used medicinally.  The berries are brewed as an infusion and drunk 3 times a day, or a tincture is made with alcohol as the carrier agent.  It both looks and smells a little like cannabis, but is not to be smoked.

The vitex agnus castus plant is ornamental and spreads easily by seed.  It likes well drained soil and plenty of sun to do well.   I have two growing in my garden, and a baby that has come up from seed.  I have not thought about selling the fruits and seeds, although when I price the product it makes me wonder if I should.  The herbal remedy has been used for centuries, and today there are many preparations and capsules created using vitex.  Weather you like it for the colorful floral display or for the medicine, vitex is a valuable addition to the garden.

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I had never heard of this tree before. How cool is this!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

August 17, 2014

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