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Reflexology Rules

August 23, 2014 , , ,

Reflexology is a powerful healing modality for the entire body. I recently made my feet very sore and wanted to recover as quickly as possible. I booked some sessions with Carol Crockett, who is an excellent therapist I had visited in the past.  My overall health as well as my aching feet benefit greatly from the treatments.  She provides an eye pillow and follows your lead about talking or observing silence.  I can be in the mood for either one because Carol also knows a lot about health and makes a very congenial conversationalist.  She worked as a hospital nurse before she took her training to work in reflexology.  This is really important in her work with cancer patients at the U of A Supportive Care for Healing department at the Cancer Center.  Since this treatment can be done without the luxury of the massage table she often goes upstairs to the chemo unit to give sessions for the patients who need her help.  She works at the hospital one day a week, but she also offers cancer patients a discount on services at her private practice, Footbliss Reflexology.

Carol has a great intuitive sense of healing and makes her client feel very comfortable by explaining what she is up to during the session.  Most people don’t want a play by play of their relaxing treatment, but if you have any questions she is very knowledgeable and expressive.  I sometimes discuss general health topics with her and am impressed with the depth and breadth of skill of her knowledge.  She is a champion of non invasive modalities for healing and enhancing health, but is, by no means, interested in doing any preaching or converting.  If you have never received any kind of body work or touch healing therapy I think starting with reflexology is a perfect way to get to know how to enjoy and benefit from professional massage therapy.   You remain clothed and it is very pleasant during the entire process.  Carol uses essential oils to enhance the whole experience.  For those of us with advanced tastes in body work she can offer facial reflexology as well as Tenzo, a combination of shiatsu style movements combined with reflexology which is also performed with the client fully clothed.   She sometimes substitute teaches the yoga classes at the hospital, and offers private instruction in yoga in her private practice.  If you are interested in improving your health and adding some pure bliss to your life I encourage you to try reflexology.  If you live in Tucson I highly recommend Carol’s variety of healing services.  She is talented and professional.

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I love reflexology. I turn into the biggest pool of goo from it. Your reflexologist sounds fabulous. She is quite gifted indeed


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

August 30, 2014

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