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Wild Garlic Grill in Tucson

August 25, 2014 , ,

We dined at the Wild Garlic Grill for the second time yesterday and vowed to go more frequently because it suits us perfectly.  The first time we ate there was on Easter when we were looking for something new and different.  Both times we have ordered from the daily special menu and have been mighty impressed with the cuisine.  The chef is skilled in creating contrasts with flavor, temperature, and surprise ingredients.  We remembered the cocktails because they are inventive and made with fresh ingredients.  Bob likes beer so he enjoyed a nut brown ale from a local brewery while I tried the fuzzy tini, a peach martini cocktail.

There is a vegetarian special all the time which revolves around sessional ingredients, so mine were very different from each other since the seasons had changed.  I think mine was the best bargain because it was so plentiful it came home and became a beautiful pasta salad to eat today.  Bob enjoyed his fish dish very much, reporting that  it was fresh and perfectly prepared.  We both had really cute yucca strips as garnish on top of our entrees.  Our portobello mushroom appetizer course filled us significantly because it was accompanied by warm french bread and a sauce that made us want to lick the plate.  It was made with mostly red peppers, I think.  When we asked for more bread the very accommodating server brought extra sauce as well.  Service was very well executed, which we remembered from our fist time.  You feel that your server is paying close attention to timing and making sure your needs are met without being intrusive.  In fact the whole operation suits us because attention is placed on high quality and good service instead of high overhead for the facility.  The bar is cozy and the kitchen open for viewing.  We like the local art work that includes portraits of stars of the horror genre.  The Wild Garlic Grill is a comfortable and delicious place to spend a happy hour, a brunch, or a dinner.  We will return often since it is close to home, and recommend it to anyone looking for a special individual dining experience.

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I don’t know the place (yet) but from what you write it is worth going and I LOVE that picture of Herman Monster. The name of the restaurant is very original, too.


Brigitte KobiBrigitte Kobi

August 25, 2014

The originality is the main draw for us. High quality, good service, and a little quirky.



August 25, 2014

Looks delicious and sounds like fun. 🙂



August 25, 2014

looks really excellent. I love the portobello appetiser…and the look on your face with the fuzzy tini!


August 25, 2014

I saw of your pix on FB and I thought you looked like you were having a fabulous weekend. I guess you really did!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 1, 2014

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