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Floatli for All Seasons

September 1, 2014 , , ,

I like to work out in both the warm and cool water in the morning.  If I go early the pool is in the shade, which my skin requires for happy water dancing.  The warm jacuzzi is perfect with the steps and handle for my long stretches and yoga postures.  The ladder in the deep end of the big pool provides similar advantages.  Not featured in the video here is the full set of steps with a handrail in the sallow end.  There are endless stretches and sun salutation variations that can be done when you have steps.  Each pool has its advantages.   Some pools and bodies of water have dangerous safety issues to consider.  A water movement routine can take advantage of all depths of water and all architectural features that are safely installed.  In nature you can use the tide or the current to your advantage if you are careful and have a clear understanding.

I am very lucky to have such a warm climate and pools that suit my purposes right at home.  In the winter our community pool is not heated, but the large jacuzzi is, so I can still enjoy a stretchy warm water work out at all times of the year.  My body is used to this kind of large movement in water and starts to miss it if I am away for very long.  The only places I like better than my own pools at home are hot springs pools.  My idea of pure bliss is to Floatli for hours in a mineral hot spring with a nice view.  Glenwood Springs, Colorado comes to mind.  I also love Desert Hot Springs, California. Euro hot springs resorts are the bomb.  Where do you like to go in the water, Gentle Reader? Do you have a pool, beach or lake near your home? How do you like to enjoy the water?

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I love the water and if it’s hot or humid I love to swim in the AM.. but if it’s not really warm I prefer in the PM when the water has picked up the daytime sunshine & warmth.
I do like the mineral springs concept and just getting waterlogged in it. It’s such a luxury


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 7, 2014

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