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November 5, 2014 , , ,

What is spooky to you? I find that old cities are full of ghostly remnants. I am not sure if the spirits of people, or just the weight of history is what makes a place feel haunted.  There are those places that capitalize on their haunted nature.  Jerome, Arizona is such a place.  With a haunted hotel and tours of the old ghost town for visitors, spooks are a real value to the business people.  The history of the mining town is fascinating and easily lends itself to ghost stories.  Today artists and services catering to tourists keep the economy thriving.


My own feeling there was not so haunted by the dead but by the living.  I like the architecture and only stayed a short time, walking around and eating at a Mexican restaurant where I disliked the food and service.  Something felt great about leaving the town and driving off the hill.  Later I reflected on that whole experience.  I do plenty of planning when I travel, and then allow instinct to guide me when I arrive as much as possible.  I went up to Jerome on  a whim,  just to see it.  I bought a beautiful glass from an artist, walked around town and bought a 15 minute psychic reading in the basement of the Jerome Historical Society building.  I have not often done readings.   This was the 5th time in my life.  I was allowing my gut feeling to operate since I had no agenda and was not expecting a reader to be sitting in the history museum with a little tent for privacy.  I thought, “Why not?  This is as good a way as any to get in touch with the spooks of the area.”  Her price was reasonable and she did not try to put me on in any way.  A good psychic insight sinks in over time, and that is how her reading is working for me.  Leaving and pondering the message I wavered about making a decision to eat in a restaurant.  I was not sure I wanted to stay.   I entered a Mexican place that really suited my taste in decor.  I was instantly put off by very unfriendly service and a feeling this was not the place for me to eat. The server ignored me for a full 5 minutes while talking and joking with locals at the bar.  I sat through that clear message and ordered food anyhow.  I liked nothing about the food and felt the service deserved an F.  That was one reason I felt good leaving the town.  I ended Jerome on a bad note, and had only myself to blame.  I blatantly ignored my own intuition.

Spooks always have the exact same message for me, in a few different forms.  I have the ability to size up situations accurately and much more quickly than most people.  I don’t say this to boast, but it is a gift I have.  I instantly know if someone is lying, even before they say the words.  I believe we all come with assorted psychic gifts or talents that we may ignore or develop as we go through life.  Our own trust is all we need to check the accuracy of our gut feelings. Upgrade yourself to a belief in your own instincts.  If ghosts are around, that is where you can find them.  If you are looking for a great view and some possible paranormal activity I highly recommend you go to Jerome, AZ.


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This is a fun place. I have heard of Jerome.. but never been there. The spirits and lost souls would make it a great Halloween destinaton


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

November 8, 2014

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