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Fill the Plate for Hungry Kids

November 25, 2014 , ,

Thanksgiving SOS

Thanksgiving SOS

This year No Kid Hungry is prepared to provide 100 holiday meals for every $49 donated. They use volume and organization to be very cost efficient, but they are also supported by large food companies. This nationwide effort is a system to end childhood hunger, which is much more common than most Americans might believe.  If we start to consider the amount of waste and overindulgence set to transpire this week ( and last for some time) we might carve out $49 from our budget to feed children who do not have much security in their lives.  I don’t know how much you can afford, but I know all of us are on one side or another of a great divide. The disparity of wages, privilege, civil rights, and dare I say, justice, is a major freak out.  The symbol of children going hungry while some spend with lavish abandon is an embarrassment in the United States.  It represents the worst of what we have allowed to happen to our society.

We can freak out all we want, but that is an unhelpful response to our crisis of inequality.  Unless you are yourself in need of assistance (and sometimes even if you are) there is something you can do to be of service to others on earth. You can bring the gift of a smile if that is all you have to give.   You can volunteer or quietly help someone you know is in need.  An easy way to participate in the big feast of Thanksgiving is to be sure hungry kids have a seat at some table and something to eat.  Bon appetite, gentle readers.  Pass the equality, please.

Fill the Plate

Fill the Plate

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What a great organization. 100 meals is a lot and feeding kids makes their education more effective. the “system” has too many loopholes and not enough stop gaps to prevent kids going hungry and also for them to fall through the cracks. Smart move and it would be wise perhaps to mention that on NextDoor app.. maybe?


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

November 30, 2014

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